2-Ethylanthraquinone is an organic compound that is a derivative of anthraquinone. 

It is mainly used as a catalyst for the anthraquinone-method manufacture of Hydrogen Peroxide and an intermediate for the production of Dyes. It also can be used for medicine, photosensitive materials and other synthetic.


2-Nitroaniline is an important organic synthesis intermediates, is the production of dyes, rubber antiaging agent and pesticide carbendazim raw material.

Tosyl Chloride

Tosyl chloride Application: 

1. As an intermediate of disperse dye and acid dye. 

2. As an intermediate in the manufacture of Benzene Sulfonamide, and Mafenide.


No. Product Name CAS No.
1 Tosyl chloride 98-59-9
2 2-Ethyl anthraquinone 84-51-5
3 2-Nitroaniline 88-74-4
4 4-tert-butylbenzonitrile 4210-32-6
5 4-Cyanobiphenyl 2920-38-9
6 p-Tolunitrile 104-85-8
7 o-Tolunitrile 529-19-1
8 3-methylbenzonitrile 620-22-4

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