The effect of CFI brand Dimer acid ✨🎉

What is the composition of Dimer acid?🎁

Dimer acid, usually refers to dimer fatty acid, is a kind of complex mixture, colorless and transparent liquid. The relative density is 0.95, and the flash point is 280-350°C. 

Soluble in acetone, ethanol, ether, aliphatic, naphtha and almost all solvents.

Application of Dimer acid in production?

Widely used in synthetic printed circuit board materials, ink manufacturing, rocket engine materials and other fields. 

How to get Dimer acid?

The dimer acid with higher purity is a light yellow viscous liquid, and the dimer acid with lower purity is a reddish brown viscous liquid. Vegetable oil bottoms are usually used as raw materials to obtain the crude product through high temperature and high pressure reaction under the action of a catalyst.Then the pure product was obtained by molecular distillation. 

How to get a sample of Dimer acid?

Just tell us your address and pay for the shipping.


What is the quality of Dimer acid?

Acid value (mgKOH/g) 190-198

Saponification value  (mgKOH/g)192-202

Color (Fe-Co) = 8#

Viscosity (mpa.s/25οC) 5000-6000

Dimer (%) 75-82

Monomer (%) 1-5

Trimer (%) 15-22


Packaging of Dimer acid?

950kg or ISO tank


Where to Buy Dimer acid?🛒

ChemFine is always waiting for you.


Where to Buy Dimer acid?

ChemFine is always waiting for you.


CFI is a comprehensive chemical trading company dedicated to the procurement of fine chemicals around the world. 

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