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What is the composition of Lithium Hydroxide?🎁

Lithium hydroxide is a white monoclinic fine crystal. It has a spicy taste. With strong alkaline. It can absorb carbon dioxide and moisture in the air. Soluble in water, the solubility at 20 degrees Celsius is 12.8g/100gH2O, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. The pH of a 1mol/L solution is about 14. The relative density is 1.51. The melting point is 471°C (anhydrous). The boiling point is 925°C (decomposition).

Application of Lithium Hydroxide in production?

It is mainly used in the preparation of lithium salt and lithium-based lubricating grease, electrolyte solution of alkaline battery, absorption solution of lithium bromide refrigerator, etc.

How to get Lithium Hydroxide?

1. Lithium carbonate causticization method. Mainly mix lithium carbonate and refined milk of lime according to the ratio of 1:1.08, adjust the concentration of the liquid to be 18~20g/l, heat to boiling state and stir vigorously, control the causticizing time generally about 30 minutes, and then centrifuge After that, CaCO3 precipitation and lithium hydroxide mother liquor with a concentration of 3.5% can be obtained. After the mother liquor is evaporated, concentrated, crystallized and dried, the monohydrate lithium hydroxide product can be obtained.

2. Lithium sulfate causticization method. Mainly, the spodumene concentrate is transformed and roasted at 950~1100°C, acidified and roasted at 250~300°C, neutralized and leached to obtain 8.5% lithium sulfate leaching solution.

3. Limestone roasting method. Mainly, lepidolite and limestone are mixed and finely ground according to the mass ratio of 1:3, and then roasted at high temperature for more than 4 hours at 850°C, and the roasted product is leached to obtain lithium hydroxide monohydrate product. By improving the grade of lithium concentrate and the concentration of leachate, and adopting three-effect evaporation technology, the purpose of energy saving and production increase can be achieved.

How to get a sample of Lithium Hydroxide?

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What is the quality of Lithium Hydroxide?

Industrial grade and battery grade


Packaging of Lithium Hydroxide?



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